Toronto Collaboration Platform (TOCP)


Toronto Collaboration Platform (TOCP) is a partnership between the City of Toronto, CivicLabTO, eCampusOntario, and eight of Toronto’s higher education institutions (HEIs). Together, this group uses the expertise in each organization to collaborate on research and development projects to support Toronto’s communities, economy and post-COVID-19 recovery efforts.

The eight institutions worked with the City of Toronto to select priority research projects that were subsequently co-funded by Mitacs and NSERC. As a result, eight projects from a cross-section of disciplines were launched through the program in November 2020. These projects not only supported COVID-19 recovery efforts throughout the city, but they provided students with experiential learning opportunities and micro-credentials as part of their participation. To date, TOCP has facilitated a total of 29 research projects, resulting in impactful programs, services and policy recommendations.

Moving forward, TOCP projects will move beyond the scope of COVID-19 to include research that addresses key issues affecting Torontonians. Given its success, TOCP will be the model for a province-wide platform launching in late 2022, facilitating collaboration between municipalities, HEIs and businesses across the province.

How TOCP works

Apply to TOCP

Divisions and agencies from the City of Toronto must submit their research proposals using the TOCP 2021 Intake Form by 5:00pm EDT on Friday, August 27, 2021. 

Researchers from participating institutions must submit their proposals using the TOCP 2021 Research Proposal Intake Form by 5:00pm EDT on Friday, October 1, 2021.

Please refer to the TOCP 2021 Guide for Researchers for details on submitting your research proposal or collaborating on research projects with the City of Toronto.

Find a match

TOCP participants will be able to review intake forms and express their interest in research proposals. eCampusOntario will subsequently match each project with an interested HEI and funding partner. The matching process will take approximately 4-6 weeks. During this time, we will review intake forms and may contact selected applicants to provide additional information.

Projects will be matched based on compatibility of available resources, time and disciplines. In cases where multiple HEIs express interest in one project, cross-institutional collaboration will be encouraged.


Complete a Project Plan and Research Agreement 

Once matched, the participating HEI(s), funding partner(s) and City of Toronto project managers will work together to complete a Project Plan and a Research Agreement.

If applicable, during this time the HEI(s) will also complete Research Ethics Board (REB) clearance for their respective institutions. REB clearance is only needed for projects with surveys, interviews, field research, etc.

Once the Project Plan is complete, the Research Agreement has been signed by all parties, and funding has been awarded, the project can begin.


Launch the project and report on its progress

Throughout the research period, the City of Toronto project manager will provide periodic progress reports, including status updates on the deliverables and outcomes defined in the Project Plan and Research Agreement.

The project manager will submit a final report within one month following the project end date.




TOCP is a great opportunity to network, connecting post-secondary staff and students across Ontario with the City of Toronto. The platform offers students practical experience through opportunities to work on municipal projects, and helps to build professional relationships between municipalities and local HEIs.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

TOCP aims to foster strong interdisciplinary collaboration. Unique research projects proposed through TOCP will bring together staff and students of varying backgrounds who otherwise may not have the chance to collaborate.

Community Development

TOCP offers a way to give back to local communities. For example, during TOCP 2020, a research project called “Digital Access and Who is Underserved” informed new proposals put forth by the City of Toronto to improve tech access to low income communities.

Commercialize Research

TOCP provides labs and facilities access to funded projects that will help bring applied research to market. With a diverse range of topics expected to be covered, HEIs will not only find projects suited to their expertise, but also projects that will allow them to expand into new areas.


Intellectual Property and Micro-credentials

Those involved in TOCP research projects are likely to learn more about intellectual property and commercial agreements, and may have access to micro-credentials to certify their new knowledge.


Currently, TOCP 2021 is only open to members of the Greater Toronto Areas Higher Educations Institutions, including Centennial College, George Brown College, Humber College, OCAD University, Ryerson University, Seneca College, University of Toronto, and York University.

Submit a Research Proposal to the City of Toronto

Any project with the potential to benefit the City of Toronto with the support of research, development and funding is eligible to apply to TOCP.

Deadline to submit proposals: October 1, 2021.

Collaborate on Research Projects with the City of Toronto

You may also participate in TOCP by becoming a reviewer and potential collaborator on City of Toronto research proposals.


Deadline to signup: September 24, 2021. 

TOCP 2020 Projects

The first round of TOCP took place in 2020 and was focused on COVID-19 related recovery support.


The association between socio-demographic characteristics and COVID-19 incidence and severity


Plausible Futures: What economic and labour market trends might the City see over the next three to five years?


Supply disruption risk for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) procurement


Low cost decontamination process for disposable N95 masks


Digital Access: Who is underserved and why?


Toronto Ambient Air Quality Impacts from COVID


Telework Study – GHG Emission Impacts & Employee Performance


Innovations in Tax Filing


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If you are interested in participating in TOCP or have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to connect with our team.


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